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Free e-book: Renewing Your Mind

Written by IBT Staff

Edited by Dr. Thomas A. Nite

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David Hawkins - Book

Stumbling Towards Obedience: Learning from Jonah's Failure to Love God and the People He Came to Save

...So what is to be our response to all Christ Jesus is and all that He has suffered and accomplished on our behalf? What should be our life's focus, our objective, our agenda, and our passion? Obedience to the things our Lord and Savior has commanded.... read more and purchase the book on Amazon Kindle here:

John McWilliams - Book

"Balancing Your Faith"

Readers can expect to be both amazed at how much of God they may be missing, while at the same time, thrilled to find out just how much more of God they can experience. Pastor John makes the case that from the congregations we join, to the style of worship we prefer and even in the way we pray, most Christians tend to “major” in and relate to only one Person of The Trinity and simply “minor” in the other two.

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John McWilliams - Video: “The Medal of Honor:  Robert Maxwell’s Story”

Robert Maxwell grew up on a farm in Western Kansas. He had questions about going into the Army due to his Quaker background, but he went anyway. Then about two in the morning on Sept. 7, 1944, when a live German hand grenade landed at his feet, he had only about 3 seconds to make a choice.

In this video you'll hear what he did, why he did it and even his opinion on how one gets to go to Heaven. He's a humble man with a great story of courage and life changing faith to share.

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John McWilliams Book

Off Course Christianity

"A Spiritual Wake Up Call"

“Pastor John McWilliams has addressed many of the hot-button issues of our time in this book... He has identified the challenges set before the 21st century church and the culture at hand. He has put forth common-sense solutions which are Biblically grounded and pastorally offered. He has not been afraid to tackle topics where, all too often, the Christian Church has been timid and or silent.” - Pastor Terry Amann, author of Wednesdays with Barry and pastor in DesMoines IA.

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Thomas Nite's book

Body Building,

A Study in Ephesians

This book explains the Bible book of Ephesians in terms everyone can easily understand, yet deals with concepts that will challenge serious students of the Bible. It will help the reader understand God's plan for His Church, how to become part of the plan, even how to become part of God's building team. Get it from Amazon Kindle: