Annie Johnly & Godwin

Annie is the widow of Johnly John, long-time ministry partner of IBT. Godwin is their son. Annie served the ministry as coordinator of events and helped put on the IBT trainings we conducted in Delhi, India. She continues to oversee the ministry of Rehoboth Bible Ministries in Delhi.

Godwin, now 18 years old, is the only son of Johnly. He has a heart for ministry and was groomed by his father to take over the ministry one day. He hopes to attend a US Bible College in the fall and continue helping his mother in Delhi until that time.

Annie came to faith from a Hindu family when she was 14 years old. Shortly after that, she had a strong desire to serve the Lord. She and her mother prayed about this and the Lord brought Johnly into her life. They married on January 15, 2001, and she came to north India to join Johnly in ministry there. She is a faithful wife and mother to their son, Godwin.

For 20 years Annie assisted Johnly in church planting. They started with 3 people. And that grew into three churches over the years. She assisted in establishing an orphanage and Rehoboth Training Center to equip others to plant churches. Ultimately She and Johnly equipped leaders to establish 48 churches in 7 different states of India.

Godwin has grown up being part of this ministry, too. He has always taken an active part in the ministry, and has been even more active since the Lord took His father home.

Annie and Godwin also oversee the construction of water wells for churches and villages that are in desperate need of clean water. 

Latest Prayer Letter: October 4, 2023, (See page 2)

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